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德,一种精神一座城 wedding dress 音译歌词的英文解释及翻译


  来南充九年,却只去过仪陇一次。一次就足以让我心怀念想。不是那儿的名山金城山吸引了我,也不是那儿的水,仪陇河给了我诸多遐想和牵绊。而是德在仪陇,名在天下给了我无限的崇敬。也许是天厚道,地厚道,水土亦厚道,方能够道道相积,让万物有了更多良善归宿。宛如林深叶盛鸟自多,水广域宽鱼自来。南充地处嘉陵江江畔,是丝绸名胜地,更是三国文化之源头。仪陇,这片红色的土地,诞生了朱德元帅和为人民服务的榜样张思德。德,以德为人、行事;德,德之有道,德之载物。仪陇,在我心里真的可以称为 德乡了。


  Nine years in Nanchong, but only once in Yilong. once is enough for me to miss. Not the famous mountain Jincheng Mountain there attracted me, nor the water there. The Yilong River gave me many reverie and obstacles. It is virtue in Yilong that gives me infinite reverence in the world.Maybe it is Heaven's kindness, earth's kindness and soil's kindness that can accumulate Tao and Tao, so that all things have more good destinations. Just like the deep leaves of the forest are full of birds and the wide waters are full of fish. Nanchong is located on the Bank of the Jialing River. It is a famous silk Resort and the source of the culture of the Three Kingdoms. Yilong, this red land, gave birth to Marshal Zhu De and Zhang Side, an example of serving the people.Virtue is a person who acts with virtue; Virtue is the way of virtue and the carrier of virtue. Yilong, in my heart can really be called Dexiang.

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