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你到底想要什么 黑鬼饶舌雷鬼慢摇的英文解释及翻译


  人最大的失败不是想要的东西得不到,也不是努力了没有成功,而是你连自己想要什么都不知道。显然,现在小B就是这样一个人。不只他自己感到挫败,连我都为他感觉悲哀了。 一周的忙碌之后,终于盼来了周末。一大早,小B就来到我家,这是我第三次见到他。 小B身高接近1米8,体形比较瘦,总是喜欢低头,弓着腰,所以看上去少了些年轻人的朝气和活力,再加上一脸的青春痘和满脸的孩子气,因此看上去又多了几分不成熟和不自信。一见面,就让我对他有了先入为主的感觉,我确定,如果小B在面试的时候也是这种状态的话,很少有公司会给他工作机会的。 小B坐下后,我给他倒了杯水,他很细声地说了句 谢谢 ,细到几乎要把 谢谢 二字吃下去。 你太腼腆了 ,我开诚布公地对小B讲。


  The greatest failure of a man is not to get what he wants, nor to fail in his efforts, but to know nothing about what he wants. Obviously, little B is such a person now. Not only did he feel frustrated, but I felt sorry for him. After a busy week, I finally look forward to the weekend. Early in the morning, little B came to my house. This is the third time I have seen him. Small B is nearly 1.8 meters tall, thin, always like to bow, bow, so it looks less youthful vigor and vitality, plus a face of acne and childlike, so it looks a little more immature and insecure. The first time I met him, I had a preconceived feeling about him. I was sure that if Little B was in the same state during the interview, few companies would give him a job. When Little B sat down, I poured him a glass of water. He said thank you very quietly, so thin that he almost ate the word thank you. You're too shy. I'll tell Little B frankly.

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