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让你少奋斗10年的工作经验 黑鬼饶舌雷鬼慢摇的英文解释及翻译


  每个人都有一个舒适区域,在这个区域内是很自我的,不愿意被打扰,不愿意被push,不愿意和陌生的面孔交谈,不愿意被人指责,不愿意按照规定的时限做事,不愿意主动的去关心别人,不愿意去思考别人还有什么没有想到。这在学生时代是很容易被理解的,有时候这样的同学还跟 冷酷 个性 这些字眼沾边,算作是褒义。然而相反,在工作之后,你要极力改变这一现状。否则,你会很快变成鸡尾酒会上唯一没有人理睬的对象,或是很快因为压力而内分泌失调。但是,如果你能很快打破之前学生期所处的舒适区域,比别人更快的处理好业务、人际、舆论之间的关系,那就能很快的脱颖而出。 第二:不要把 好像 ; 有人会 ; 大概 ; 晚些时候 ; 或者 ; 说不定 之类放在嘴边。尤其是和上级谈论工作的时候。


  Everyone has a comfortable area, in this area is very self-conscious, unwilling to be disturbed, unwilling to be pushed, unwilling to talk with strange faces, unwilling to be accused, unwilling to do things according to the prescribed time limit, unwilling to take the initiative to care about others, unwilling to think about what others have not thought. This is easy to understand in the students'time. Sometimes such students are also bound up with the words of cold personality, which is regarded as praise. On the contrary, after work, you should try to change this situation. Otherwise, you'll soon become the only person at a cocktail party that nobody pays attention to, or you'll soon become endocrine dysfunction due to stress. However, if you can quickly break the comfort zone of the previous student period and deal with the relationship between business, interpersonal and public opinion better than others, you can quickly stand out. Second: Don't put it on your lips like; someone will; probably; later; or maybe. Especially when talking about work with superiors.

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