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让生命的脚步放缓一些 黑鬼饶舌雷鬼慢摇的英文解释及翻译




  Early in the morning, the morning light drips on people who are busy coming and going, I accompany those hurried steps, daily is also in a hurry. In early spring, because of the drift of spring snow, the cold wave rippled in the sky, the white flowers of pear blossoms instantaneously changed, leaving behind a cool, which seems to inhibit the brilliant and gorgeous scene too early to appear, but inadvertently, looked up, in the daily necessities of the several trees in the spring, the small yellow flower bones have already bulged up, a few are very urgent. The ground stretches and the petals blossom. Despite a spring snow, the flowers are still standing up, showing off their fragrance with a little yellow.

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