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人生需要正视自己 黑鬼饶舌雷鬼慢摇的英文解释及翻译


  在的长河里,在的舞台上,在流水一般的日子里,我们每一个都需要能看见自己的缺点,也要能发现自己的优点,在现实中思考,在迷茫中找到自我,自信而快乐的。 变幻的世界,竞争与诱惑交错,而在这些繁华的背后,我们是否还能找到真实的自己?是否感觉曾经的自己是那么陌生,现在的自己又是那么无助和迷茫? 显然,能遇见自己,就是最好的相遇。说的是灵魂,其实也是对自己生命真实的写照。若是回避现实,虚伪的活着,那是一定不敢正视自己的,怕自己看穿自己,怕自己鄙视自己,更怕自己用虚伪构成的美丽,被无情的打破。若是如此,可悲的人生,也就永远不会遇见那个真实、善良的自己了。


  In the long river, on the stage and in the flowing day, we all need to see our shortcomings and find our own advantages, think in reality, find ourselves in confusion, confident and happy. The changeable world, competition and temptation are intertwined, and behind these prosperous, can we still find our true selves? Do we feel that we used to be so strange, and now we are so helpless and confused? Obviously, meeting ourselves is the best meeting. It's about the soul, but it's also a true portrayal of one's own life. If we avoid reality and live in hypocrisy, we must not face up to ourselves, afraid of seeing ourselves through, afraid of despising ourselves, and even more afraid of the beauty of our hypocrisy and being ruthlessly broken. If so, the sad life will never meet the true and kind self.

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